19 luglio 2011

A lover and willing slave

" Gianni Menichetti lives with his family of animals in a wild canyon near Positano, on the Amalfi coast in Italy.

He is a man of many talents, a gifted artist, romantic poet, natural philosopher and passionate activist, endeavoring to save his hidden valley home from developers.

When Gianni first arrived in the valley of Il Porto at18 years of age, 
the exotically beautiful Vali Myers, was the undisputed Queen of the wild canyon.

Vali was an extraordinary artist and dancer.

A free spirit, who found the Moorish pavilion and its walled garden whilst exploring the deep valley.

She made her home there for more than 40 years, collecting a large and varied family of animals.

Not long after his arrival, Gianni became Vali's lover and willing slave, and she, his Goddess, mentor and muse..."

 "Gianni Menichetti" (c) Marco Bakker

"Vali, Gianni & Toads, 1972" (c) Rudi Rappold

from: gianni menichetti home page

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